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Microsoft Windows 8.1 Download – Available Editions

Windows 8.1 consists of multiple editions. Each edition provides different features packed into each ISO. Down below you’ll find a comparisn of the different Windows 8.1 ISO download packages available. Due to the fact that there is no mirror anymore, downloads are provided directly from Microsoft.

The source-url of each download will be ““. Rest assured that you check the MD5/SHA1 sums after each download even though the Windows 10 ISO download points directly to Microsoft. A complete feature comparisn of all Windows 10 editions can be found on Wikipedia here.

Windows 8.1 ISO Download Standard

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Download – Standard

The “Standard” section contains ISO images for Windows 8.1 and Windows 8.1 Pro. Since Microsoft started to reduce the amount of available versions to only two with Microsoft Windows 8, you only have to download a single ISO image to get both versions, Windows 8.1 Home ISO download and Windows 8.1 Pro ISO download. Depending on which version you’ve got a working Windows 8.1 key for, you’ll have to download the according version.

Windows 8.1 ISO Download N

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Download – N-Edition

Additional to the standard editions of Windows 8.1, Microsoft specially destined a so called ‘N-Edition‘ for the EU, Switzerland market. The N-Edition does not come with pre-installed media-related technologies like Windows Media Player or Camera. These are free available to download on Microsoft (linked before) and can still be installed later on.

Windows 8.1 ISO Download KN

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Download – KN-Edition

Besides the Windows 8.1 ‘N-Edition‘ for the EU and Switzerland Microsoft released a Windows 8.1 ‘N-Edition‘ for the South Korean market. Like the edition for the EU and Switzerland, the KN-Edition does not come with pre-installed media-related technologies like Windows Media Player or Camera. These are free available to download on Microsoft (linked before) and can still be installed later on.

Windows 8.1 ISO Download Single-Language

Microsoft Windows 8.1 Download – Single-Language-Edition

This version consists, as the title states, only of one single language available for Microsoft Windows 8.1. You are not eligable to install another language for your OS. But we also offer these images here!

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